Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Golden Anniversary

Today we celebrate a major milestone, my parents 50th wedding anniversary!  Absolutely amazing.  Being just over half way there myself, it really strikes me what a big deal it is.  After dinner we sat down and listened to stories about the way things were and such, and as my dad talked I was thinking don't take this for granted.  It was a real treat, reminiscing about how they met, their first date, getting through college, having a child (me) before graduation, the various jobs they held, all the stuff that makes up a life time together.

My parents have done it right.  It hasn't been easy, in fact we didn't reminisce the disagreements, arguments or frustrations.  I know there was plenty of that.  I also know that's not what stands out in their minds, or mine.  My parents have modeled an authentic Godly marriage.  Plenty of highs, plenty of lows, but never wavering in the commitment they made before God and man.  One man, one women, one lifetime.  Just as God intended.

Here's to my parents, Dave and Karen, and to many, many more years together.  I'm inspired by you.  I love my daughters and my wife more because of your example.  Thank you for never giving up.  Thank you for teaching me everything that matters.  Dad, thank you for loving mom.  Mom, thank you for loving dad.  Thank you both for living a life that honors our creator.

I love you!

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  1. Thank you! Sorry I missed this when you originally posted. Love you,